Attard Stock Horses is an Australian Stock Horse Stud located south of Killarney on the NSW/QLD border at Lower Acacia Creek. The owner and operator of the stud is Phillip Attard.

Phil has been breeding and training performance horses for over forty years. Phil comes from a reining and cutting background and has imposed his methods of horsemanship into the sport of Campdrafting. He believes this way he will have more controllable horses that will suit many more disciplines than just drafting. His careful choice of bloodlines perfected over the years have led to a line of very soft trainable stock horses with exceptional temperament.

His oldest stallion Glencoe Heartbeat's progeny has proven this time after time. The cross of Sevenangle Native Oak over his Heartbeat mares is also producing exceptional stock horses with the ability to get lower in the cutout yard because of the small amount of Quarter Horse infused but not losing the speed needed outside. Phil has chosen his horses for type and temperament. This is testament to the results that they are achieving in the show ring, winning at the highest of levels.

A lot of time and effort goes into the training of Attard Stock Horses. The competent team of Phil, John Briggs & Maddie Andersen have proven time & time again the exceptional quality of these horses.

At Attard Stock Horses we believe that the Australian Stock Horse is truly the 'Breed for every need', we are breeding horses that suit this phrase.

Phil Attard owner & trainer at Attard Stock Horses riding Attards Makita


Australian Stock Horse Stallion Glencoe Heartbeat
Australian Stock Horse Stallion Sevenangle Native Oak
Australian Stock Horse Stallion Attards Red Oak
Attard Stock Horses Broodmares
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Australian Stock Horse Society
Australian Campdraft Association


Attard Stock Horses
8196 Mount Lindsay Road, Legume NSW 8456
Ph: 07 4666 4168
M: 0457 334 819